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123mkv 2021: Today I am going to tell you about the most dangerous website so that all of you will ever be in the future such as Movies Websites in which mkv123 is one of the most popular websites. This website works all over the world so that 123 mkv Movies can be used all over the world.

123mkv .in is not the only website that steals the movie and clai to give it to all of you for free. That is why today our team thought that all of you should be informed about it so that whenever you all go to any 123mkv .in Page website, you can save yourself from getting caught in the wrong work.

Not all of us have such information about the rest of the countries, but if we talk about India, then 123mkv .in websites are completely banned. In India, not only 123mkv .com but thousands of websites like these have been banned, so that it cannot share its stolen movies.

If you want to know more and more about the 123mkv Movies website, then all of you have been associated with this article, because today I will tell you all the exciting things related to 123mvk . So let’s start.

About 123mkv 2021

So now we are all slowly moving towards our Main Topic. So let me tell all of you that 123mkv is a website that made all of you an original movie. By stealing she claims to give it to all of you for free. This website also claims that you can download all the new movies from their website first.

The work of this website is simply to identify yourself at the top so that it can make its name in the world of movies. From which whenever there is a movie release, people should first search on the 123mkv website. For this reason, on 123mkv website, their owners keep uploading all types of movies, so that if a user comes to their site, then they do not go empty-handed.

On this website, all of you easily get any Release Movie in which Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, all kinds of movies you can download for free as well as watch them online. If you all have a shortage of Internet then you can watch movies from all Online 123mkv.

As if all of you must have now come to know what is the purpose of the 123mkv Hollywood website and why this website is still coming in the eyes of all of us. You remained connected with us in the future as I will tell you all some surprising things about it.

123mkv Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu Movies Download

You all know in 2021 that movies will be released very quickly. Due to this we can not go to the cinema houses by paying money for all the movies. That’s why people enjoy themselves by downloading their movies from the 123mkv website to save their money.

You can also download Hollywood, Bollywood, South, Tamil, Telugu etc. movies all here.

This website is the most popular for the latest movies only, all of you get movies here in every type of quality like 80p, 720p, 1080p etc. So that all of you could not reduce your entertainment at all.

123mkv 2021 -300Mb Movie Download

Sometimes it happens that we do not have so much Internet. With which we were able to download a movie of very high size, then you will be happy to know that on 123mkv you all get the facility to download movies in 300MB, so that you can save your internet.

You all get this opportunity according to your way, by which all of you can also watch the movie online by choosing the size according to the quality of the movie of your choice.

As such, it allows a lot of websites to download movies in 300MB, but the thing about 123mkv is something else here, if you download movies in all 300MB, then the quality of all those movies will not make you any less faded. So that the interest in watching all of your movies is even less.

123mkv Tv Shows Online Watch

If you all are fond of watching TV shows but whenever you have a favourite show but you do not have time to watch that show and later when there is time then that show does not come. If you all watch the old episode on Hotstar or other online TV shows, then you have to pay for it. But with the help of 123mkv, you can download or watch all those Shows for Free.

123mkv claims that all the Shows that you download from their website are all in original quality, in all of them you will not get the slightest quality. All of you can download the shows from their website according to the quality of the shows, as well as you can download them in your language as well.

All those shows which you want to download from their website have to search for those shows. And after that, in which language do you all like to watch the show of your choice, download it in that language. Even if you do not want to download it at all. You can watch all your online TV shows on the 123mkv .in website.

123mkv Hollywood Movies Download

Nobody is fond of watching Hollywood movies, it is not possible in today’s time because as our generation is developing it is also changing the way we look at the world. This is the reason why we all like to watch Hollywood movies more because they have very good graphics along with a real story which makes all the action scenes look real to us.

123mkv .com website claims that you can watch any movie from all their websites first. Because it tries to put a New Hollywood Release Movie on its website first. With which whenever someone searches for the movie of their choice on the internet, then go to their website. With which the popularity of their website is lost.

Often Hollywood movies are in the English language. Due to which people-watching in the Hindi language cannot see the movie. But all of you can watch Hollywood movies from 123mkv movies website by downloading them not in one language but Hindi audio dubbed.

123mkv Bollywood Movies Download

The most-watched movies in India are Bollywood Movies, where all types of movies are made available, in which Bollywood movies are divided according to different categories. So that all of you can select the movie according to your interest.

In Bollywood movies, all of you can see Romantic, Horror, Action, all types of movies, so that you can easily find any of your movies. So that all of you can save precious time. The purpose of these piracy websites is to give a movie to all of you as soon as possible so that their website can have a little name. And all of you could download any movie.

If you all want to download someone’s movie, then the easiest way is to go to their website and find and download any of your movies by pressing the search button. If you all can watch online instead of not downloading the movie from their website. There is so much benefit of watching online movies that your internet data is not much wasted.

All Latest Dubbed Movies Download

Everyone’s language is different, someone knows the Hindi language, someone knows the Arabic language and someone Tamil. In such a situation, all of you should know that you can download movies in the dubbed audio of movies in any of your languages ​​from the 123mkv .in website.

All of you can find many types of audio in the same movie as Hindi English etc. Meaning, all of you only have to download the movie 1 time and you can change the audio of the movie from the setting and watch it in dubbed audio.

Additional Information About mkv123

If we all talk about his team or Owner, then there are many people in his team, this is the reason why we all get to see all the movies on their website as quickly as possible. Because this whole team kee publishing new release movies all day on their website, due to which no new movie has been saved from their eyes.

As much as all the people of the movie feel that a new release has been done, all of them are first found on their website. Friends, the government keeps a very vigilant eye on such a website. Due to which their website gets banned quite often.

All Proxy Links Of 123mkv.in

As I told you above, the government bans these websites, due to which their websites sto showing and if we try to visit. So the website block comes written.

As long as this website is doing piracy, it keeps going but as soon as this website comes into the eyes of the government, it gets blocked because the government does not wait at all to ban these websites.

  • 123MVK net
  • 123MVK be
  • 123MVK li
  • 123MVK gr
  • 123MVK co
  • 123MVK cx
  • 123MVK tw
  • 123MVK ac
  • 123MVK com

So, Friends, the government has banned all the domains of the 123mkv website so far, I have given below the list of all of them, along with that I have also given all of you a new domain link that has been created by this 123mkv. You can see them once if you want

Similar website Of 123mkv.com

So friends, all of you must be wishing that which website is on the same side as these websites, which is very popular. So that if this website ever stops working, then we download our movie from all other websites. So below we have given a list of their similar websites, you can see them.

Pro and Cons Of mkv123.in

So now all of you will have got all kinds of information about 123mkv . So now let me tell you about the pro-tax cons of the 123mkv website, so that all of you people can see from the rugs how good and bad this website is for you.

So friends, all the links I have given to all of you, you can also read about them, how she piracy of movies.


  • Here you all get all types of movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian etc. which you can watch online and also download.
  • Here if you all like any TV shows very much, then you also get to see them on these websites. With which all of you can see your favourite Episode again and again.
  • Whatever movie or TV show you download, you can download all of them in any language. Here you will find the same show in many languages.
  • You can download all movies or tv shows by choosing their quality according to you. Like if all of you want to download movies in 80p or 720p then you can also download them very easily.
  • This website has a very simple layout in appearance, from which you can learn to use it in a few minutes.


  • This is an illegal website on which the government has imposed a complete ban, but even if all of you are using it, then all of you can also be arrested.
  • Whenever you visit a website to download a movie, you all get to see very bad ads.
  • When you open a page in the 123mkv website, then you will have a popup ads show which will force you to go to which sites by opening different tabs.
  • All the movies that you get here are stolen movies from a very wrong wave. And all of you are downloading them, then you are promoting all illegal work.

FAQs Of mkv123.com

Why 123mkv Is Popular Website

See, more people run like free things, all of you keep this thing in your mind and see this website, this website is so much popular today. The owners of this website have contacts in big cinema houses, from which whenever a movie is released, it is first published on their website. So that it can attract all the users towards it. With which they earn a lot of money. Because whenever people visit their website, advertisements are started on their website. With which we click on those ads and their earning starts.

When it makes free movies available on its website, then it edits that movie. In it, they put the logo of their website, so whenever someone downloads their movie, their site name appears in the corner as soon as the movie is played and you all remember the name of their website. So that in future their website can reach more and more people.

Why 123mkv.in is illegal

See whatever movie release happens, you can watch them only by paying money. There is nothing like this, but this website gives you 1 not all the movies in Free. Due to which you all feel that this website is legal but it is illegal because it is illegal to share a movie for free and will remain illegal in future.

The government has banned their website so that no one can visit their website. But many people visit his website, either they install VPNs or others download movies from the 123mkv website with their trick.

These websites of the government are very vigorous, so that if this website owner makes any mistake, then the government catches them so that all of you do not fall under the pretence of these piracy websites. And you could keep yourself safe.

123mkv website identity

If you ever came across a piracy website in front of everyone by name, how would you identify it, then I want to tell everyone about it as well.

Friends, all of you must have seen all the piracy websites and if you download the movie, then you all get to see lots of popup ads, this is the first hint with which you can identify that this is a piracy website.

After that, if you claim a website to give all of you to the entire Movie Free, then you all understand that it is a piracy website and wants to involve you all in illegal work.

123mkv and mkv123 is the same

Friends maintain their separate website with the same name, so that if one of their domains is banned, then it can leave their website from the domain of another website so that their earnings cannot be stopped. That’s why both 123mkv and 123mkv are equal.

Whatever movie you all will see on 123mkv , you get to see the same movie on 123mkv . Along with that, all of you get the same features on both websites, so that you do not face any problem in downloading the movie.

How To Watch Movie Legally

If all of you have understood my point, then all of you should now search to watch legally online movies. Before that, in this article, I will tell you all about watching Legally new movies.

Friends, there are many ap and websites like amazon prime, Zee5, Hotstar etc., which is not only in the eyes of the government but the movie makers are legal in the eyes of all and on these websites, all of you must know the old to an old movie and new to new movie online Can see

I want to tell you all in advance that if you watch a movie through these apps, then all of you will have to buy their premium subscription first. After that, you can see all the online movies.

Premium subscription of all these apps can take you all monthly as well as yearly, from which you can also get some discount.

How to Open banned 123mkv Website

Not only the 123mkv website, but you can also visit or open any Banned movie website.

All of you need a VPN to open a banned website, in which all of you have to set Vpn of the USA, that all of you Angad will visit a banned website, then it will be open.

Before setting any VPN, I want to tell you one thing that the VPN takes your internet data very much. With which if you visit a site , then it uses double the data, which ends your internet very quickly.

Download Movie From 123mkv

So now all of you will also want to know how all of you can download movies through these websites. As such, it is illegal but still, I will tell you the step on how you can download the movie from 123mkv .


So first you have to connect all the logo VPN, for that you can download any VPN from all Playstore. After downloading all of you get a proxy of any country.

After getting the proxy, you should visit all the movie websites, after that, all of you people can download the movie from their website. Then all of you have to remove VPN or else your internet data will double.


Friends, my motive was to give information about these websites to all of you. If you all liked our article, then definitely share it with your friends. If a friend of yours downloads too many movies from such a website, then you should share this article of our 123mkv with your friend.

The piracy of the movie in 123mkv has made its name so much around the world that now everyone downloads their movie from the 123mkv website. But this is a legal offence, not all of you should do it in your mess. It is good for all of you.

To earn money in today’s time, people have made the piracy of the movie a business and due to which a huge amount of damage has been done to the Movies Maker. That is why all of you do not fall under the pretence of these websites




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